Building on water, it’s our business!


Regarding the environment the EPS (also known as Styrofoam) is non-toxic and totally inert. EPS does not decompose and it provides therefore lifetime durability, the moisture pickup over 30 years is measured at a maximum of 5-6 %. The material is 100% recyclable.


The basic concept consists of EPS and when necessary concrete or other reinforcement . The starting point of the basic concepts is that they are built directly on the water so in terms of shape and size it can be realized regardless of the circumstances such as locks or bridges. In addition, the concept is unsinkable with a high level of buoyancy. Last but not least it doesn’t need any maintenance. The process is patented.


The EPS is covered with a coating to prevent degradation. The compounds which are applied to protect the EPS from degradation by insects, animals or chemical substances contains no toxic components and are shockproof.

Amphibious or floating

All these basic concepts with EPS can be applied as an amphibious – and floating solution! The EPS float with the superstructure is built on the final location in a dry situation or on water. Special precautions should be made to prevent the structure to slide to one side after the floating phase and a mooring construction should be constructed to be able to resist the occurring forces.

FlexBase Light

For use with lightweight top load such as recreation houses, sports facilities, greenhouses and field crops. The basic EPS is reinforced with fiberglass so that the basic construction has more bending resistance and is complemented by an aquifer and/or a concrete floor.


For normal applications such as houses, commercial buildings up to 3 levels or industrial constructions with a relatively low load. The basic EPS is supplemented with a grid of concrete beams and a concrete floor. Even a cellar can be implemented.

Flexbase Heavy

For heavy use or high centre loads, e.g. car parks, high-rise buildings for offices, capital goods such as LG installations or small power plants which are movable. The basis is EPS and a sandwich construction with concrete beams and concrete floors.


Concrete hulls – several dimensions and special connection


HDPE hulls  – Premocon Foundation
HDPE tubes

Glass fibre

Glass fibre hulls – several dimensions